Temporary Works

Temporary works designers have the same designer duties as permanent works designers and must be sufficiently competent in their specific field of temporary works design. We cover temporary works on all residential and commercial property types. 


20+ Years of experience in the field

Not just a temporary fix

Based in Staines, Structural engineering services work with clients specialising in creating reliable practical structural designs & calculations across London, as much as surrounding counties. Our structural engineers work with different building types while drawing structural calculations for an extensive variety of purposes. This includes swimming pools, basements, loft conversions, extensions, new build homes and commercial projects.

Temporary Works

The price for rear and side ground floor extension is from £1000, while site visits cost £350.

Due to our increased work in house renovations.Our company offers highly skilled engineers who specialise in complex property layering and remodelling. Extension structural designs and internal alterations consider all the new loadings and structural stability of the property. 

Mandatory site visits for customers are required to assess their projects and work with architects, builders and homeowners. This encourages the practice of safe working procedures, while in compliance with health and safety regulations.

High standards work and professionalism is a priority within our firm. As a result, all structural engineering designs for customers have the 45-degree rule implemented. Most of all, it is evident that we adhere to council’s rules and regulations.


Internal alterations

The internal alterations services we provide consists of complete plan drawings and can obtain your planning permissions for you. Structural engineering Service’s in-house architects are full of creative ideas and can turn your dreams into reality.

Our architects undertake home visits for customers to discuss their vision with a provision of preliminary designs and 3D visuals, which therefore to helps them understand the finished product, in conclusion. The architects work in partnership with our structural engineers in order to formulate an efficient built design plan. Efficient build design plans result in more in low-cost bills.

For structural internal and extension design enquiries please call 0333 444 0355. Contact structural engineering services now to discuss your project and we will give our professional opinion as to what is achievable!


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