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Meet our Structural Engineers

Posted on January 13, 2018 by Amy

Meet our structural engineers. Come to our offices and discuss your project with as much free coffee and biscuits as you like, we have a nice meeting room available.

Are you in a dire need to construct a new building, basement, extension, loft conversions, party wall monitoring, and as well as renovations of old structures? But you are literarily confused about the next step to take, it is always imperative you seek an expert advice to put you through, you need not worry, however seeking expert advice is the most considerate thing to do. Construction does not seem simple and easy as people speculate, mostly by individuals who have little or no knowledge of the construction industry.
Construction can be very an expensive and challenging process even though it is a nice investment to venture in. Without receiving expert advice from a knowledgeable structural engineer your construction may end up in complete failure. It is of great importance to notify a construction company of the project on time about 6 weeks before the commencement of the project. This will allow the construction company take the necessary structural calculations or structural survey costs to ascertain the money required. So that they can be enough time for the team to design, plan and also to get materials needed on ground before the show time.
At Structural Engineering Services we have an A list of structural engineer, structural surveyor, Structural engineer architect with over 20 years of experience we have been working with who are focused and committed to giving you the best you ever imagine. Based in Staines you can walk up to our office to discuss further your construction project with us without paying. Yes, you heard me free of charge.
Outlined below are the reasons why you should contact us before embarking on your project.
Qualification and experience: We employ services of engineers that are accredited and belong to a professional body. Our seasoned engineers have handled a lot of projects with 100% success rate.
Constituent alignment: Most successful construction projects do not come too easy it requires effort, time, resource and expertise. However, the size of the project does not matter be it a new building, basement, extension, swimming pool the client, architects, and contractor are key players to ensure the defined project strategy meets the required outcome.
Pitfall avoidance: Every construction project has a set goals and objectives that need to be achieved. Even during the course of the construction project we still get in touch with our client to make sure we are in shape and getting it all done as discussed. This is done to prevent construction problems during or after the project.
Proper timing and budget management: We ensure we meet deadlines as agreed. Budget is critical in every construction project all expense made are well documented for transparency.
These are some of the cogent reasons why you should visit our office. This will allow smooth transition during the course of the project. Don’t hesitate anymore contact us by email or phone to book an appointment.

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Why You need a Structural Engineer

Posted on August 8, 2017 by Admin

Why You need a Structural Engineer?

Are you planning to get rid of one of those unwanted walls in your house? Well, halt for a second and reconsider if your deliberation is pre-equipped. To remove or shift a wall during home renovation is not uncommon, nevertheless it’s utterly critical to involve a structural engineer for a sound analysis of the modification. This is because structural stability and overall integrity of a frame all depends on its buttresses, supports and altering – let alone removing – may cause the entire building or structure to collapse.

So here’s how a structural engineer proceeds with his analysis. You’ll also discover during the course of this article how important it is to keep a structural engineer into the loop while getting your house renovated.

Structural Engineers Drawings

Structural Engineering Design

Preliminary Inspection: The first and the foremost step in any case, whatsoever, is to examine and visually inspect the place for defects and structural discrepancies. This is done by giving the third degree to the existing design, and cracks or fissures in walls or beams. The engineer than takes a note of all shortcomings and takes them into account while performing technical calculations.

Design: This is considerably the most significant step in the process. Not only does it involve the structural conditions and integrity, but it also incorporates the customer’s essential need of adding charm to the elements of the building. This is done in close correlation with architects who are better at designing and constructive utilization of space than engineers. Once that’s done, the compliance of health and safety regulations is ensured and the design is sent for approval.

Computational Analysis and Planning: The designing process is followed by a detailed computational analysis of the project. The material to be used, structural stresses and loading conditions are tested via simulation on several relevant software. Once that is done, the engineer proceeds to planning – transferring the design from paper to ground. This may include shifting of a few walls, removal of pedestals and alteration of many structural elements.

We’re sure you will contact a structural engineer, the next time you’ll think about getting your house renovated. Contact us to discuss your thoughts and requirements.

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