Structural survey and product training

structural survey presentation in Staines

Paul Sheppard presentation at structural engineering services

Structural Engineering Services utilizes Thorhelical products for structural surveys. The firms also provide health and safety training on using products such as ladders, ultracure applicator etc. Paul Sheppard recently gave a presentation to some of our engineers who are involved in undertaking structural surveys and where their products would be suitable and the correct installation methods.
Structural surveys are undertaken to identify the structural integrity of a property, what remedial works need to be undertaken, and then the proposed remedial solution. It is important to fully understand what products are available and even more so, their correct application. A complete structural survey of a property will normally take the best part of a day and will a detailed report will be provided.

Structural Survey Types

As part of the structural survey, a crucial visual inspection is mandatory. While carrying out the visual inspection, the surveyor will not move, lift or test any materials within the property. Our team of structural engineers thoroughly inspect the inside and outside of the main building while making notes of defects which are either minor or major. In the event of a structural survey for a loft, our engineers will access the hatch only when it is safe. In addition, roofs and hatches that are higher than 3 meters will be under inspection with serious safety precautions.

Most clients who are whiling to get mortgages usually get “condition reports”. Condition reports are the most common type of survey and we usually offer it to clients with domestic properties. Condition reports outline the risks to the building and traffic light signals to describe different parts of the property. Customers with commercial property often require “building surveys” which intrinsically focus on the cost, repair advice and estimated timings. Building surveys are more valuable in instances where the property is either very old or consists of timber frame.

Structural Engineering Services offers precise structural surveys. For any enquiries and advice, please call 0333 444 0355. Clients can also get in touch via our social platforms via facebook, twitter and Instagram!