Renovation for domestic properties

Every year, thousands of London homeowners undertake successful home renovation/extension projects. Some are even motivated by the need for an extension or save on moving costs. Others just want to renovate their older homes to meet up with the latest trend in home construction. And in some cases, homeowners decide to renovate in order to boost their property’s value ahead of a sale. For investors, renovating or extension may be an opportunity to improve the value of their asset as well as increasing rent.

If you are thinking of basement excavation or design or conversion, loft conversion, extension, home renovation and wall removal, you need to be sure that it is stable and safe. To carry out this structural home renovation, you will need to consult with a structural engineer.

What you need to know about structural engineers and home renovation or extensions

Structural engineers ensure that property foundations have the right balance. Having the right balance consists of accurate beam calculations, solid load-bearing walls, and footings. Before any renovations and structural calculations, engineers have to examine the building for standard strategic planning purposes. They can order structural re-construction or fixation if there is a need for that. Structural engineers will work on something as simple as a garage, basement conversion, right through to a large second storey addition or even more complex domestic renovation.

Generally, the structural engineer will work in partnership with other professionals like architects, particularly during the design phase. Customers can hire structural engineers for their preference. Individual customers are happy to employ companies that specialize in home renovations. However, the need for experts in structural construction will still be existent.

Structural Home Renovation Protects the Homeowner

The establishment of building codes is to protect homeowners from substandard structural work. This is because badly done structural home renovation (and new construction) puts the homeowner’s life and possession at risk. This implies that badly done structural home renovation can easily collapse, cause great injury to people in the home and also damage their house & possessions.

On the other side, when the structural home refurbishment is under completion, it can actually improve a house. These improvements may include spacious interiors with visually appealing exteriors while the appearance remains coherent. In addition, there is also a creation of more living space and improvements on the functionality of the property. Through our unmatched innovation, numerous London homeowners are witnesses of improvements in their properties and lifestyle. Please take a look at our portfolio most of the photos that you see on display involved structural home renovation.

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