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Do I need a structural engineer?

Do I need a structural engineer? What is a structural engineer? A structural engineer, as the name suggests, is an engineer who specialises in the structure of buildings. Structural engineers are vital professionals in the construction process....

Structural surveys and remedial product training

Structural survey and product training Structural Engineering Services utilizes Thorhelical products for structural surveys. The firms also provide health and safety training on using products such as ladders, ultracure applicator etc. Paul Sheppard recently gave a...

Importance of a Good Structural Engineering Design

The importance of a good structural engineering design A good structural engineering design can reduce the build cost. Structural design is the systematical analysis of the integrity, strength, and rigidness of a structure. The fundamental aim of this investigation is...

Meet our Structural Engineers

Meet our structural engineers. At Structural Engineering Services we have a team of structural engineers who work in partnership with surveyors and architects. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, our constructional experts are fully committed to giving...

Create More Space with a Loft Conversion in London

How to create more space with a loft conversion in London In a family, members adjust to living together and share rooms if the house is small. This continues until we finally grow up and the requirement for a separate room becomes a need. The need for a loft...

Why You need a Structural Engineer

Why You need a Structural Engineer? Are you planning to dismantle unwanted walls in your house? If the answer is yes, Structural Engineering Services should be your first choice! To remove or shift a wall during home renovation is not uncommon, nevertheless, it’s...

Renovation for domestic properties

Renovation for domestic properties Every year, thousands of London homeowners undertake successful home renovation/extension projects. Some are even motivated by the need for an extension or save on moving costs. Others just want to renovate...

Loft Conversion Dormer Window Construction

This London property is undergoing a loft conversion extension. The roof conversion is to have a dormer window to the rear. The floor joists have been upgraded and RSJ ridge beams installed. Contact us to discuss your loft conversion ideas for advice and get your...

Strengthening Timber Floor

These timber floors have been strengthened because of reconfiguring the interior walls. We reinforced these timber floors by doubling the joists and bolting them together followed by installing insulation ready for the redesign of the upstairs of this London property....

New Build Basement Under Construction

At Structural Engineering Services we specialise in all aspect of structural design, including, retrofit basements, new build basements, loft conversions, extensions, house refurbishments etc. So please contact us for all your structural engineering services in and...

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