Site Investigation Reports

We provide fixed price site investigation reports. Our site investigation reports for providing information on ground and water levels in preparation for basement and ground level extensions.

Site investigation reports are highly beneficial to the construction and design phase. Therefore, we consult while offering practical advice depending on the buildability of a plot. In basements, site investigations complimentary to the party wall process. The complete process of sampling and evaluation probably take approximately four weeks, in conclusion.

Structural Engineering Plans

Soil Analysis

Structural Engineers Survey

What we investigate:

  • Soil type
  • Gas monitoring: determining the levels of oxygen, carbon dioxide etc.
  • Water levels
  • Drainage characteristics

What we do:

  • Produce a contamination report
  • Site investigation reports
  • 10-metre boreholes- for a strong understanding of the ground conditions 
  • Trial pit- dig the hole to expose the foundations

The Benefits:

  • Beneficial to the design and construction process
  • We give practical advice on the buildability of the plot
  • We have a strong understanding of ground removal and spoil removal
  • Aids with the party wall process in basement projects
  • For basement projects, a full site investigation is important for structural design waterproofing, discover any buried services and to avoid any future issues
Drainage Surveys

As part of the drainage survey, we provide reports that include recommendations and advice with a drainage layout plan. While site investigation reports remain a priority, as much as drainage surveys. The difference is that drainage surveys are offered at an additional cost. Most noteworthy, the procedure includes survey inspection for leakages and blockages. In addition, due to assessing the conditions of the pipework, cracks within the pipes are located as a result.


From £1200.00; this includes 1 x 10mtr Borehole + 2 trial pits or 2 x 6mtr Boreholes + 2 trial pits