Loft Conversions

Loft conversions

At Structural Engineering Services, engineers and architects have a vast experience in loft conversions.Our structural engineers undertake site visits before any project is in operation. Site visits ensure that the design correlates to a customer’s property. Furthermore, significant advise will also get issued on different construction techniques, assisting clients to obtain the cost of structural plans.

The loft conversions that our structural engineers’ design includes, single dormer, full-width dormer, hip/gable dormer, side dormer mansard. Structural engineering services specialise in projects where the roof gets thoroughly extracted and re-structured. This may involve either roof height adjustment or shape alteration with a replacement compatible to the required conversion.

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Structural engineering for a loft conversion

We use different strategies to construct ceilings, frequently via either a trussed rafter roof or conventional roof. In relation to residential property roofs, our engineers implement craft techniques that prevent rain and snow while sustaining light loft storage loadings. Subsequent to a loft conversion, the roof will have to cope with significantly different loadings. As a consequence, new floor structures are compulsory. Structural elements will probably need an alteration to allow circulation within the room and roof windows. In conclusion, our design considers these factors.

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Structural roof design

In addition, we also offer drawing and planning application services. Our design service considers the layout, thermal insulation, sound insulation and heating. Furthermore, the design service agenda also includes electrics, lighting, and window ventilation.

Our in-house architects can obtain necessary planning permissions and consent and very enthusiastic to arrange meetings with clients.

Roofs represent intricate segments of engineering, and renovations cannot start without the advice of a structural engineer. Please contact structural engineering services today to initiate your project.