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Loft Conversions

At Structural Engineering Services we have a vast experience in loft conversions. The types of loft conversions that we design include, single dormer, full width dormer, hip/gable dormer, side dormer mansard roof and projects where the roof is completely removed and resigned. This could be to raise the height of the roof or change the shape of it or replace it with a roof construction method that is more suited to a conversion.

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Structural engineering for loft conversion

The roof maybe constructed in various different manners, normally either a trussed rafter roof or a traditional roof. The existing roof of your home is designed to keep out the rain and snow and to cope with light loft storage loadings. After a loft conversion, your roof will have to cope with significantly different loadings. A new floor structure will be required. It is also likely that structural elements will need to be altered to allow for circulation within the room and roof windows. Our design considers for these factors.

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Contact us to discuss your loft conversion project. Our engineers are highly experienced and undertake site visits so that the design is bespoke to your property. They can advise of the different construction methods and this will assist you in obtaining a cost for your loft conversion project.

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Structural roof design

We offer a drawing and planning application service too. Our design service considers the layout as well as the thermal insulation, sound insulation, heating, electrics, windows and ventilation and lighting.

Roofs are complex pieces of engineering and they should not be altered without the advice of a structural engineer, so contact us today to kickstart your project.