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A blueprint is transformed into a built room

Concept to solution

We work with your conceptual designs to ensure that the structure can be built and is stable and durable.

We have a high degree of expertise with the effects of load and stress placed on structures by gravity and users and we’ll help you understand the requirements and choose the best materials for the work, offering expert design knowledge, solutions and advice along the way.

At every step we will be focused on providing sensible and practical recommendations for your building project.

Floorplan blueprints


Our process integrates design and engineering expertise specialising in commercial and residential buildings, from extensions to new builds and everything in between.

We will consider proper arrangements of room/halls to satisfy your needs, ensuring good ventilation, lighting, and acoustics. We will also carefully plan the position and orientation of columns and beams, the spanning of slabs, the layouts of stairs, and the proper type of footing.

Structural blueprints


Our structural design team combines imagination and conceptual thinking with extensive knowledge of practical aspects, such as health and safety legislation to ensure your structure is fit for purpose and has a pleasing look.

Open plan kitchen
Kitchen in sunlight


We work in close partnership with architects and other professional engineers to help you achieve your design goals.

We combine a strong analytical focus using the most stringent testing with an investigative approach to design goals uisng our expertise with materials.

Glass structure in evening light